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Friday 15th April

Saturday 16th April

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Auction House Scotland

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Auction House Scotland is a fast moving, technological savvy company specialising in auction properties throughout Scotland. We offer heavily discounted properties, a fast efficient service and transparent documentation. Scotland is renowned for its strong yields (as high as 15%) so we’re here to help you take advantage of that and make property investment straightforward and profitable.


Why invest in Scotland

Most investors prioritise yield and Scotland has properties with very high yields in comparison to the rest of the UK. This is because, in general, the capital costs are lower than the rest of the UK and there is a strong rental demand. The rental demand is linked to the fact that there are a large proportion of people claiming housing benefit and therefore are keen to rent rather than buy.

Traditionally, local housing authority housing in Scotland is built to a better standard to withstand the harsher weather conditions. Therefore, properties tend to be durable and require less maintenance.

Lastly, the Scottish legal system provides great security since short assured tenancy agreements work well.


Auction House Scotland- Leading the Way

Buying and selling at auction is an increasingly popular method of trading properties. Buyers and sellers alike are attracted by the speed of transaction (sales are concluded within 28 days); and also the finality of the sale (when the gavel falls the missives are concluded). Buyers particularly like the transparency of all documentation and open bidding at our auctions.

Bidding at auction is easy. You can bid in person, or if you can’t attend the auction, you can bid by proxy, telephone or internet. Simply contact one of our offices to discuss the best route for you. You’ll be guided through the process and advised on what identification is needed for registration and what forms are required to be filled out if you can’t attend.

The legal process in Scotland is straightforward too. Our legal packs are uploaded to the Essential Information Group website ( Either have your solicitor look over the pack or we can put you in touch with a top solicitor.

We can also connect you to mortgage brokers, solicitors, surveyors and other property resources making it even easier for you to complete your purchase. Many of our clients find buying in Scotland much easier than the rest of the UK.

With our comprehensive experience, market knowledge and industry contacts we are in the unique position of offering you exclusive deals, allowing you to acquire the most growth effective properties.



Contact details

Call us on 0141 339 4466 or 01224 974 139

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