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Friday 15th April

Saturday 16th April

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CMB Regional Centers

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United States Permanent Residency Through Investment:

Over 4,400 families from over 74 different countries trust CMB Regional Centers in their U.S. immigration pursuit. To date, over 2,200 investors have achieved I-526 approvals and over 425 CMB investors have received their I-829 approval/permanent green cards. Investors in multiple CMB EB-5 partnerships have already seen a return of their capital investment.

CMB is a leader in the EB-5/Regional Center industry. To date, CMB EB-5 partnerships represent over $2.4 Billion in capital investment in 50 EB-5 partnerships across the United States. This EB-5 investor capital is only a portion of the $9.2 Billion in matching public and private funds that has led to the creation of well over 140,285 new American jobs.

  • 4,400 Families from over 74 countries trust CMB Regional Centers in Their Immigration Pursuit
  • Over 2,200 I-526 Approvals (Temporary Green Card)
  • Over 425 I-829 Approvals (Permanent Green Card)
  • $125 Million in Returned Capital by Borrowers
  • Repayment Within Multiple EB-5 Partnerships
  • $2.4 Billion in EB-5 Capital Investment
  • $9.2 Billion in Public and Private Funds
  • $11.6 Billion in Overall Investment in Public and Private Funds
  • Over 140,285 New American Jobs Created

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