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Friday 15th April

Saturday 16th April

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S and S Investments Ltd

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S and S Investments Ltd is a Peterborough based company which is less than an hour from London on the train, which specialises offering a passive property investment solution for people.  

The type of property investments we can offer are  residential to HMO conversion projects, exsiting HMO`s, BMV BTL oppotunities as well as larger projects such as freehold blocks of apartments.  

This is a true turnkey operation, where we do absoltuly everthing.  We only offer a premium service and believe the most important thing is to establish a long lasting trusted relationship with all who we work with.

We built our own business using the rent to rent direct to landlord strategy which was and is a fantastic foundation business that allowed us to then go on and not only have a successfull/profitable rent to rent business, but also have a HMO managment company, deal sourcing business and this year are now running both online training, training events as well as next step success programs to those that would like to do the same.

We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible  throughout the show, and we will offering you the oppotunity for us to help you find suitable high cash flowing property investment oppotunities in one of the major growth cities in the country Peterborough, as well as the oppotunity to grab a place on some of our up and coming `rent to rent and beyond` training days, and by the way this strategy does genuinly work anywhere in the country.

Both of us, that Lee and Karl have a real passion to share, grow and contribute and believe that this is true wealth, to not only make money but also to be able to make a difference to others.

Thank you

Lee, Karl and rest of the team.







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